Taha Pharmaceutical Company has been offering a special knowledge-based and research-based production line for progesterone active substance since 2017


Taha Pharmacy Quality control of raw materials, packaging and products is the responsibility of the quality control unit’s chemistry laboratory, based on valid guidelines derived from the most recent valid pharmaceutical references such as EP, BP and USP. Responsibility for controlling the environmental and microbial conditions of the various production sectors, such as microbial water, personnel, raw materials, packaging equipment and products, is used by the microbial laboratory to utilize the latest pharmacopoeial methods.


Taha Pharmacy is a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients and API manufacturer , including hormonal drugs and corticosteroids. One of the most important goals of this company is the production and supply of high quality and competitive drugs in pharmaceutical markets and increasing satisfaction of consumers and patients. In addition, by producing the community’s need, the company fills its presence in the domestic and foreign markets …